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Unleash your maximum potential by using our Dotwork box for dotwork tattoo. This mechanism is designed to help artists achieve their best dotwork by easily adjusting the delay speed of their machine. The delay knob in the center of the box mechanism rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise to set your machine's pace and pattern on a scale of 40 to 00. To use our Dotwork box, use only with machines medium or heavy coil tattoo. Using our stitch box with a rotating machine will damage the motor. Other tips for peak performance: Use only tight needle groups, vary your machine voltage for varied dotwork results, and adjust your tattoo speed to match your chosen delay speed settings.

Our Dotwork box comes with a 1/4” mono plug to connect to a power supply which must be purchased separately. The Dotwork box only configures your machine's delay speed for Dotwork procedures. It's not a diet.

Main characteristics:

  • Used for max level dotwork tattoo
  • Adjust the delay speed and pace of your machine using the delay knob
  • Delay Speed Range: 40–00
  • For optimal performance, tattoo faster at faster settings and slower at slower settings
  • Use only with coil machines
  • Equipped with jack plug cord for power connection
  • Buy the power supply separately
  • Use with tight needle groups
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Further information

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