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NANTES TATTOO CONVENTION – Our Video Recap + Interview with the Organizers

C’est décidément une belle année pour les conventions !!
Quelques mois après la CONVENTION DE VANNES, organisée par CORPUS MEMORI et BUZZ TATTOO, les organisateurs de la susmentionnée Conv, remettent le couvert pour la NANTES TATTOO CONVENTION. 16e édition à laquelle nous avons eu la chance de participer il y’a tout juste une semaine en compagnie d’une partie de la PRO TEAM LBT, avec qui nous avons passé le week-end, afin de vous faire découvrir ou redécouvrir l’une des plus belle conventions de FRANCE.

So let's go for this little video recap of the NANTES TATTOO CONVENTION 2022 in 7 minutes!

And for the most curious of you, you can find under the video an interview with Yan GOUET , co-Organizer of the Nantes convention , who was kind enough to answer our questions. ENJOY! –WOLFGANG SLATER


(realized on Nov. 19, 2022)

Hello Yann and thank you for accepting to answer this short interview.
In a few days, the 16th edition of the NANTES tattoo convention will start, but before going into details, can you present the convention and its beginnings for our dear readers?

Hello, the convention germinated in my mind when I returned to valves twenty years ago and I said to myself that Nantes was a big enough and dynamic ball to host such an event. So we did the premiere in Rezé where Stéphanie joined me. The convention has grown over the years and so we decided some time ago to settle in La Beaujoire

This year the theme of the convention chosen for the visual is MANGA.
Why this choice and have you planned animations related to this theme?
The manga is not my favorite style but it has taken such importance in the Tattoo that it was normal for us to represent it. On Saturday for those who wish the disguise and setting

Stop me if I'm wrong but I saw in the program the setting up this year of round tables around the world of tattooing. How did you come up with this idea, and is this an animation that we can find on your next events?
We found it interesting that tattoo artists and tattooed people could discuss various subjects and that the public could participate.
If the enthusiasm of the public is present it will be with pleasure to renew the round tables

The tattoo industry has had a series of hardships in recent years, in addition to COVID-19 which has affected all freelancers, the REACH law on inks has and still is a daily concern for many tattoo artists. What is your feedback on the situation?
For the reach law, we find it sad to stop at a precautionary principle on “potentially dangerous substances” when a substance like bisphenol is truly carcinogenic and remains on the market.
We take this opportunity to denounce certain manufacturers who have taken advantage of this law to double, triple or even more the price of inks which remain one of our main tools.

We were talking about COVID-19 a little earlier, 2021 was an opportunity for the NANTES convention to make its big comeback to the front of the stage. But has this health crisis changed the organization of your events since then?
Despite Covid 19, the organization has not changed anything except the health rules in force in October 2021

Your team also manages the VANNES convention, in which we had the chance to participate a few months ago. Where did you come up with this idea of mixing tattoos and comic strips on the same event?
We have a friend who can open a comic book store in Vannes (Michel, the bubble gardens) and we thought it was nice to combine these two arts, knowing that many tattoo artists come from this environment.

For a few years now the tattoo has been democratized to the point that there are now TV shows on the subject. What is your opinion and your vision on the current world of tattooing?
This is good because it democratizes tattooing, but also bad because people think that what is on TV is representative of what is happening in stores. Social networks have been able to create visibility and an attraction for our work but they have also created problems, because unfortunately many tattoo artists retouch their tattoos on Photoshop and this does not reveal the reality of our profession.

Thank you Yann, for agreeing to answer these few questions. See you in a few days for the 16th edition of the NANTES TATTOO CONVENTION. A last word to add for our readers?
Thank you for your interest in our event. We wish you beautiful tattoos and enjoy life


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