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Wip anios excel x50

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50 ready-to-use, single-use wipes.

Indications: Treatment of surfaces (eg external structures of equipment: respirators, hemodialysis generators, etc.), non-immersible and non-invasive medical devices*, and wiping of endoscope sheaths during preliminary treatment before immersion for cleaning and disinfection.

* Examples: classic ultrasound probes, pressure sensors, blood sugar testers, blood pressure monitors, reflex hammers…

Microbiological properties:

Bacteria (1) (2): EN 13727 (3), EN 1276 in 1 min

EN 13697, EN 16615 a 2mn

BMR and BHR selon EN 13727 en 1 mn

EN 13697 a 2mn

Yeasts (1) (2): EN 13624 (3), EN 16615 in 2 minutes

EN 13697 a 5mn

Mold (1): EN 13624 in 20 minutes

EN 13697 in 20 minutes.

Virus (1): According to EN 14476: Adenovirus in 30 minutes

According to EN 14476 : Norovirus Murine en 15 mn

HIV, PRV (HBV model virus), BVDV (HCV model virus), Vaccinia virus, HSV, Rotavirus in 1 min

Polyomavirus SV 40 en 5 mn

Guaranteed antimicrobial efficacy according to current methods:

• Activity of the impregnation solution (1)

• Wipe activity according to EN 16615 (2)

• Activity of the desorption solution (3)

Precautions for use: Dangerous – Respect the precautions for use. Use biocides carefully. Class IIa medical device. Before use, read the label and product information.

Biocidal product intended for the disinfection of surfaces in contact or not with foodstuffs (TP2&4) and class IIb medical device.

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