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The new TATSoul Convention Kit meets all the needs of a traveling performer in one compact package.

It contains armrest, power supply, pedal, universal adapter, RCA cord and RCA clipcord adapter

– this kit allows traveling artists to move around easily by taking with them the essential TATSoul equipment to work.

This TATsoul convention kit, which fits completely in one bag, is ideal for conventions or guest trips.

Characteristics :

allows artists to travel effortlessly with a complete kit of tattoo equipment including arm rest, travel power supply, foot pedal, universal adapter, RCA cord and RCA clipcord adapter.

All of these products fit easily into a compact and lightweight travel bag.

The universal adapter allows working from anywhere internationally.

Dimensions: Length 50.8 cm, Width 18 cm,

Weight 4.55kg

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Further information

Weight 5.500 kg

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