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Panthera Dark Sumy is a special pigment formulation created specifically to blend. Dark Sumy is used for stronger undertones and is darker than Panthera Light Sumy.

After a long period of research and development which has seen us engaged in the reformulation of our products, we are ready to launch our new range. These newly formulated products take advantage of more recent research and combine the tradition of our products with new innovation in materials.

We have eliminated isopropyl alcohol as an ingredient and made it compliant with the new REACH regulations. In this way, we have obtained a product that is less irritating to the skin, with a marked reduction in redness, less burning sensation for the client and up to half the healing time.

Panthera ink is:
– Sterilized by irradiation
– Without carcinogens
– Vegan
- Not tested on animals
– Microbiological analysis at each LOT
– Made in Italy

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