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ECOTAT Disposable Cartridge Trays will keep your cartridges in place while you are not using them. This will not only keep your workplace tidy, but also prevent cartridges from getting contaminated or ink dripping onto your work surface. Reservoirs in front of tray can be filled with water to prevent cartridges from drying out

Disposable trays for ECOTAT cartridges are made from paper pulp. They are an alternative to their single-use, fossil fuel-derived plastic counterparts. Using ECOTAT products will minimize your environmental impact when tattooing.

Main Features:

  • Holds up to five cartridges
  • Box of 50 trays
  • Dimensions (LLH): 16.5 x 7.5 x 2 Prevents cartridges from rolling or drying out
  • Unique tank for each cartridge
  • Without plastic!

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